Destroying documents that your business no longer needs can be rather difficult if you need to keep the information they contain confidential. Using document shredding services, like On Site Shred, can help you with keeping this information secure while still allowing you to free up space by disposing of these documents.

Can The Shredded Documents Be Easily Reassembled?

It is often assumed that documents that have undergone shredding will be easily reassembled. While movies may make it seem as though this will be an easy task, it is far more challenging or even impossible. A traditional document shredding machine will only cut paper into long strips can be able to be reassembled. Professional quality shredding systems will be able to cut the paper into a series of extremely small pieces that will be far more difficult to be put back together. For extremely sensitive documents, these remnants can be ground into a powder.

How Will You Know That The Documents Were Actually Shredded?

Some business leaders will insist on being able to confirm that their documents have been successfully shredded. In these instances, an onsite document shredding service may be the ideal choice. These services will allow you to watch the shredding so that you can be sure that it was completed according to your specifications. Furthermore, these services will provide you with an invoice at the end of the process so that you can have a record of this destruction.

Do The Documents Need To Be Prepared Before They Can Be Shredded?

In order for your documents to be able to be destroyed, you will need to do a few basic tasks. The devices that will shred the documents may be unable to accommodate thick staples or bindings. Before the shredding services arrive, you may want to take a few moments to remove any staples or binding that hold the documents together. This will allow the shredding service to more quickly and thoroughly shred these documents. You may also want to package these documents in boxes so that the shredding service's technicians can easily transport them to the machines.

Can Photographs Be Shredded By These Services?

Text documents are not the only items that can be destroyed by these shredding services. Photographs can be another type of document that is commonly destroyed using these services. If you are needing to destroy a large number of photographs, you should make sure to alert the shredding service. This will allow them to ensure the correct machines are brought for shredding the thick paper used in photographs.