The scrap metal that your business generates is valuable. Instead of spending money getting rid of the scrap metal your business generates, you can make money with it by scheduling a pickup. There are companies that will come out on a weekly or monthly basis to pick up your scrap metal. If you choose to work with an industrial scrap metal pickup service, you need to prepare your scrap metal for pickup and create a system for sorting and storing the scrap metal.

Create a Designated Spot for Putting the Scrap Metal

Make the designed spot for placing the scrap metal close to where the metal scrap is generated within your business. You want the location to be easy for people to incorporate into their routines without slowing down the productivity of your business.

Purchase Bins Specifically for the Scrap Metal

See if the pickup company you want to work with has storage bins you can use for your scrap metal. If they have bins you can use, borrow those bins. If they don't, invest in some bins of your own. Having your own bins will make taking care of the scrap metal much easier.

If your business generated multiple types of scrap metal, get different bins for the different types of metal. This will help you keep things organized on your end and will allow you to see how much scrap metal your business generates. This will give you a better idea of how much you should be getting paid for the metal as well.

Prepare the Scrap Metal

Check with the pickup company and see what condition the scrap metal needs to be in when they pick it up. Does it need to be free of oils and other substances? Does the metal need to be broken down and free of other metals?

Prepare the metal in a way that works for your business. You don't want to put more effort into cleaning the metal than the metal will generate you in money. You need to clean the metal up to the degree that it is worth it for your business and find a scrap metal company who will accept those standards.  

If your business generates excess scrap metal, put that scrap metal to good use and have a scrap metal company pick it up. Turn your trash into some profit for your business. Create an established system and space for sorting the scrap metal so it becomes a part of your everyday business routine. This will make the collection process run smoother and be less of a hassle.