If you want to start scrap metal recycling, then you need to have the right equipment. Here's a list of the things you need to make your scrap metal recycling efforts even better or to help you get started on the right foot.

A truck and trailer

Larger quantities of scrap metal are easier to acquire if you have a proper truck and trailer to haul these things in. A full-size pickup with hauling capabilities is best, as heavy loads of aluminum and steel can quickly overburden a smaller or mid-size truck. Aim for something with a four-wheel-drive so if you are collecting scrap during rainy weather or out in the middle of nowhere, traction and maneuverability is less of an issue.

As far as trailers go, opting for an open or flatbed trailer is better than an enclosed one. Why? Because it's easier to pile up scrap and tie it down with a tarp and tie downs than it is to cram a closed trailer to its hilt, and removal is easier as well. If you can invest in a dump trailer for your scrap metal recycling, even better.

A business attorney

A business attorney will help you draw up a bill of sale that you can use as a template when you get into scrap metal buying for resale or when you collect free scrap metal from individuals and companies. You need verification that the scrap metal you acquire is yours free and clear, and having a written statement verifying the same is important for legal purposes. Your business attorney can also help you create a company name if you wish to turn your scrap metal recycling business into an LLC or other business entity.

A cell phone and portable printer

One of the best ways to get into scrap metal recycling is to collect scrap you see in your neighborhood or in the local community. This means you might be making phone calls inquiring about old junk cars or non-working appliances or using your cell phone to make posts online about collecting scrap.

The portable printer is for printing receipts for the scrap you collect so you can verify where your contents for scrap metal recycling come from, just in case. You can also use the portable printer to print out receipts from when you salvage your scrap in case you need these records in time for tax season.

As your side gig or scrap metal recycling business grows, so will your business needs. Keep track of your investments so you can write them off or otherwise incorporate them come tax season.