Copper is a valuable material with a lot of usability and options for materials. When you try to make money on copper recycling, a scrap metal yard will analyze the copper you have to offer and give you a price based on the copper itself. Typically, a scrap metal yard will break copper down into three different tiers. Each tier offers different price points and values.

Learn about these levels and what to expect when you go to make some extra cash on copper recycling.

1. Primary Copper

Primary copper offers the purest form of copper. The copper itself has not been manipulated or changed in many ways and has not been fused with other metals. As you go through materials in your home, you will often find primary copper in the form of electrical wires.

The copper acts as a pure inductor for electrical applications and is often protected in encased wiring. Primary copper offers the most value but also presents issues when you want to gather a lot of the material. Due to the thin size of the copper, you would need a lot of the copper to make a significant amount of money on the recycling of the material.

2. Secondary Copper

Some of the more visual areas in your home where you can spot copper is through the piping of your home. In some cases, you may have leftover pipes or upgraded pipes and have copper you want to recycle. The secondary copper has few impurities and can still make a lot of money through recycling.

Even though the copper is not as pure as copper used for wiring, secondary copper provides you with the opportunity to gather more and make more money based on the volume of material you have. Along with pipes, you can find secondary copper in roofing materials or devices like heat exchangers.

3. Contaminated Copper

The cheapest form of copper is known as contaminated copper but still serves several uses in the world of scrap metal recycling. Contaminated copper can contain a mix of materials like soldered iron or tin. The materials are hard to separate again but will have repurposed uses.

For example, products made with a bronze finish may include a mix of copper and iron. The materials offer strength and durability. As you go through your scrap metal junk, you may find a wide range of contaminated copper that can really help increase your value of materials.

Visit a copper recycling center to find out more information on copper and ways to make extra money with your leftover scrap materials.

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